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HAKEN launch video for "Puzzle Box"

In anticipation of our upcoming fifth studio album 'Vector', we are proud to launch a video for the track 'Puzzle Box'!

We hope you'll enjoy, let us know what you think!

Rich says
"'Puzzle Box' was born from some of the jam sessions we had early on in the writing process. The music has a raw and slightly psychotic nature to it that is brilliantly complimented in Crystal Spotlight’s video. To achieve favorable consequences we suggest taking this dose of Vector at regular intervals throughout the day."

Should you like to win the actual real-life puzzle box featured in the video (signed by all of us), you can still enter our competition now.

In case you really can't get enough, here's the video for the first Vector single 'The Good Doctor' once more. You're welcome!

In case you can't really get enough, we're touring pretty much the entire planet within the next couple of months! Come see us, as many time as you bloody well please!

And in case you can't get enough, really, and would like to hear several of us ramble on about how we managed to get those seven new tracks on record, we've also released part one of a three-part interview which you may or may not watch below: